Thinking Positively

  • Is your glass always half empty?
  • Is life always better for other people?
  • Does nothing ever go right for you?

We never stop thinking, but how we think can determine how we live our lives. If our heads are constantly filled with negative thoughts, then our lives will inevitably be full of negative experiences. If you look at the Richard Bransons of this world, they all have very positive outlooks – anything is possible, anything is achievable with the right frame of mind.

Why attend the Thinking Positively workshop?

Because you’re fed up with constantly feeling depressed or stressed that everything you touch goes wrong or that you can never say the right thing and you spend a great deal of your time defending yourself or looking to blame outside influences for where you are at this moment in time.

What will I learn from the workshop?

The workshop aims to help you to recognise negative thoughts as they happen and stop them in their tracks before they have time to influence you. It develops an awareness of why you started thinking negatively in the first place and explores strategies to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts and actions.

How will the workshop help me?

The workshop will provide you with the tools to move forward with enthusiasm towards a more satisfying and successful life. As a positive thinking person, you will attract other positive thinking people and experiences to you because you will have opened yourself up to the opportunities that you blocked out previously with negativity.

What if I don’t attend?

Nothing will happen, nothing will change and this will be another opportunity missed.