Coping with Abandonment

  • Do you fall apart when someone leaves you?
  • Are you feeling scared to be left on your own?
  • Are you avoiding relationships for fear of it happening again?

Feeling abandoned can be a devastating experience. Nothing has prepared you for the pain and the depth of feelings. Sometimes you may have considered extreme measures to take away the pain. Dealing with abandonment is not something we are taught but there are coping skills to be learned.

Why attend the Coping with Abandonment workshop?

Abandonment is a devastating experience and recovery from it is a process. The workshop explains the process while supporting you as you move through the stages. People attending the workshop also find support in meetings others who have experienced the same feelings.

What will I learn from the workshop?

The workshop provides you with a tool bag of skills to deal with abandonment, and to enable you to move through the different stages. The process is a normal process to a difficult situation. Both the body and the mind react to abandonment and the workshop looks at the both the physical and the mental parts of recovery.

How will the workshop help me?

The workshop provides an understanding of how abandonment affects us on an individual and personal level. You will learn coping strategies along with an understanding of what feeling abandoned is about. As an extra, you will learn about relationships and how to enter them without a fear of abandonment and to start thinking about creating a future again.

What if I don’t attend?

People who attend can feel more connected to themselves through their understanding of abandonment and the resulting effects on them.