Referrals are welcome from

  • Mental Health and /or Health professional
  • Teachers or educators
  • Individuals
  • Support organisations

Third Level Foundation Ltd provides services from a variety of professionals working to professional standards.

Working together from our suite of therapy, meeting and training rooms, we provide continuing services under one roof.

Our professionals include accredited counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychosexual therapists. Our aim is to provide services to support people when they need it and, then, to offer ongoing workshops to enable the individual to be able to support themselves within the community.

Our continuing support program emphasises building confidence and self esteem in order to work towards resilience and self efficacy. We also aim to provide space for people to create networks for their own future support.

These services are based on techniques drawn from Couple Counselling Approach, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Technique, underpinned with sound experience in Person Centred Approach.

In offering both Integrative and specific approaches, the client has the opportunity to explore their issues in the best way for them, leading towards autonomy and improved health. We use other talking therapies and can incorporate visual and practical work as the client prefers.

We aim to be both supportive and flexible:-

Supportive in that the client can attend regularly and receive a professional service
Flexible in providing ongoing support in the form on Online Blogs, information and continuing support appointments (six monthly/yearly), if required.
Using this approach, we provide an environment where people explore the difficulties they have and work their way through the process. We assist them in providing the space for this while encouraging them to create their own ‘toolbox’ of skills to support themselves in the future.