• Do you feel nervous and uncertain of your abilties?
  • Do you feel you hold yourself back from doing things you would like to do?
  • Are you unable to do things you feel you should be able to do ?
  • Do you know that confidence can be built on?

Why attend the Confidence workshop?

Confidence is related to how we see ourselves. It is about having a sense of worth and achievement while having resilience to persevere. The workshop is developed for you to learn about yourself and build the principles self esteem. Confidence can be built on the way we talk to ourselves. Learning how to change this leads to improvements in confidence and in how others experience you.

What will I learn from the workshop?

The workshop provides you with skills to build your confidence on. Working with your underlying strengths, and reviewing your skills analysis, are positive starting places to build your confidence from. Learning the mindset of confident people can assist you in looking to the future with confidence.

How will the workshop help me?

The workshop provides a toolkit of skills which help you build confidence in the areas you feel you are lacking. It helps you to engage in friendships, participate more in work and achieve your aims.

What if I don’t attend?

People who attend the workshop find their confidence grows and they feel the benefits in being able to live in a more fulfilled manner.