Mental Health & Relationships

  • What happens to relationships when one person's Mental Health is not great?
  • How do couple's cope with a longer term Mental Health issue?
  • How can the carer maintain their Mental Health?

A couple's relationship can be seriously affected by one of them developing a Mental Health condition. Whether the couple have a secure base or not, this can cause huge amounts of stress for both of the people in the relationship. It is unlikely that they have they automatically have the skills they will need to face their difficulties.

Why attend the Mental Health & Relationships talk?

Building your knowledge of the effects of Mental Health on those around us is helpful in understanding what coping strategies are required. The two individuals in the relationship have quite different worries, concerns and needs at such a time.

What will I learn from the talk?

You will learn about the underlying effects and change on the foundation of the relationship. What happens when the couple change from being an equal partnership to a relationship where one partner has responsibilites for caring/supporting the other. Similar to changes in physical health, behaviour can also change or be volatile.

How will the talk help me?

The talk provides an understanding of the effect of Mental Health on couple relationships and the wider interaction with other people. You will learn strategies for coping with this. including skills for communicating and connecting with others. Also at this time, you will understand how important it is for both to support and maintain their own Mental Health.

What if I don’t attend?

Those who attend are able to put some strategies of dealing with difficulties in the relationship into place immediately, and take steps to maintain their Mental Health as much as they can in order to support each other and their relationship..