Caring for your Mental Health

  • Do you feel you could improve your Mental Health?
  • Do you feel you are having some reactions to stress that you dont feel comfortable with?
  • Are you displaying more moody behaviour or feeling short of patience?

If your Mental Health is not being looked after, your Physical Health may be suffering. By concentrating on some key areas it is possible to concentrate your energies on promoting both Mental and Physical Health and enjoy the benefits.

Why attend the Caring for your Mental Health talk?

Building your knowledge of the effects of poor Mental Health is helpful in understanding your behaviour and moods. Stress, for example, affects us all both physically and mentally. Long time effects of stress will affect us mentally and, in the longer term, our Physical Health.

What will I learn from the talk?

You will learn the details of the effects of Mental Health on our Physical Health. The talk provides you with examples of how stress affects us mentally and phsyically, and how we can take steps to create a balance and look after our Mental Health.

How will the talk help me?

The talk provides an understanding of how the mind and body work together. You will learn strategies for recognising the signs of stress and coping strategies for dealing with stress.

What if I don’t attend?

Those who attend are able to put some strategies of dealing with stress into place immediately, immediately lowering the effect of stress on their minds and bodies.