Mental Health at Work

  • Do you feel you are not performing your best at work because your Mental Health is suffering?
  • Do you notice someone around you at work who is not performing their best and you suspect they are struggling with their Mental Health?
  • Is your company supportive of those displaying Mental Health issues?

If your Physical Health is not great, you may not be achieving your best work, and, in the same way, if your Mental Health is not great, you may not be achieving your best work. Companies are encouraged to have a policy to support maintaining good Mental Health.

Why attend the Mental Health at Work talk?

Building your knowledge of the effects of poor Mental Health is helpful in understanding how this affects work in yourself and others. Companies also have resonsibilites for the Mental Health of its employess. You will learn about these responsibilites and the position of the Scottish Government.

What will I learn from the talk?

You will learn the details of the effects of Mental Health on others and on our ability to complete tasks successfully. The talk provides you with examples of how this impacts all employees, employers and the business as a result - Emphasising how important it is to take steps to create a balance and look after our Mental Health not just for ourselves, but the others around us.

How will the talk help me?

The talk provides an understanding of the impact of poor Mental Health at work. You will learn strategies for recognising the signs of poor Mental Health and coping strategies for dealing with this.

What if I don’t attend?

Those who attend are able to put some strategies of dealing with poor Mental Health at work into place immediately, whether it be for themselves or for others.