Support group for Partners and Families of those with Personality Disorders

Support for Partners/Friends/Family of those with Personality disorders

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to understand other people’s behaviour. When a partner, friend, or family member has something called a ‘Personality disorder’, it can be quite difficult to comprehend and can feel impossible to know how to cope. It may be that the person is receiving therapy, or has just been diagnosed, and carers feel the need for information. With knowledge and support, it is possible to become more aware and how to feel more able to cope. It is also very important for the partners and families to look after themselves and maintain good mental health.

Third Level Foundation Ltd are offering a support group providing regular support in the areas of :-

Understanding personality disorders

Building strategies for coping

Providing constructive support to partners and families

Developing knowledge of available support organisations

Maintaining confidence and good mental health

Sharing experiences

Creating networks of support